Guns Laws And Politicians. Do They Equal Mass Murder?

More deaths in the USA. I am saddened by the news this morning of the reporters being killed by an ex employee in America. The gun laws in the USA are well and truly overdue for an overhaul. I know it is written in the constitution that everyone has the right to bear arms, surely it is time to look again. Australia reacted strongly when we experienced the tragedy of Port Arthur.

My humble opinion is that the only way forward for the American people is for them to do the same. The public need to lobby the senate to have the laws altered. Following that, the senate need to put their differences aside for the good of the people and agree to make the changes. Further to that, they also need to make public statements individually advocating the changes.

I am aware of the problems that will be faced due to the amount of criminals that also have weapons, and that must worry the people. There is also the financial fallout from changes which the economy will be affected by.

All things considered though, how much is life worth?

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