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Sacked – He should have known better!

OK. So Howard Sattler has given 28 years of his professional life to radio 6PR. That still doesn’t give him the right to hound anyone about their personal life. The fact that Julia Gillard is the prime minister of Australia does mean that her actions will always be under scrutiny but journo’s need to know when enough is enough.

Howard Sattler was always very opinionated and never afraid to voice that opinion. That was all well and good when he was making a valid point, but the sexual orientation of the person someone lives with is totally irrelevant to as regards to their ability to do their job.

A lesson has hopefully been learned by Howard Sattler from the radio and the TV staions reaction to his interview with Julia Gillard. That reaction was to terminate his contract immediatley. At least it opens up an opportunity for a new radio host to prove his worth

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